Sonia Verma

Fashion Designer

From an early age, Sonia Verma had a passion of creating mesmerizing Indian Suits designs. She knew from the very beginning that she wanted to set her own fashion house that offers all varieties, designs, and top-notch quality of Suits that could leave a long lasting impression on the ladies adoring them and also on the people looking at these amazing designed artistic wonders. Sonia’s influences have always been a delight, not just for her customers for the whole Fashion World Fraternity.

Her signature style adds an aesthetic value to every suit she has designed so far. Earlier started locally, her now is being adored by beautiful ladies from all of the Europe and other parts of the world as her creation depicts India’s true indigenous craft tradition blended with Sonia’s personalized yet soothing touch that offers a soothing vibe to all her creations. However, Sonia’s vision was not just limited to designing amazing suits .

Her interest also lies in catering to the needs of all sections of the society and occasions, especially marriages. With her dedication and hard-work, she has established an online marketplace that offers all kinds of products used in Indian marriages. Her aim was to offer the best to the people. And when we speak of best, we mean the best quality of the products. Hence, in this online marketplace, you will also find all such products and accessories that are required in the marriages.

Right from Lightings to beautifully decorated religious products, we deliver them all to you. At SoniaVerma.com, you just need to think of the product you want in your wedding, the rest will be done by us. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to all our amazing products and drop us a mail or message for the complete details.

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